Transcriptions | “Goliath”



The fencing manuscript Ms. Germ. Quart. 2020 known as “Goliath” resides in the Biblioteka Jagiellonska in Cracow. It is another example of an extensive anthology of fencing texts. Many individual parts can be found in a next to identical or at least rather similar way in codex 44 A 8, written in 1452. Other than that manuscript, the so-called Goliath (because of an illustration on the first spread page of the volume) however contains a number of images.

We are happy that Bartlomiej Walczak agreed to host his transcription of Martin Huntfelt’s fencing on horseback here on our website.

June 2014

Johannes Liechtenauers Langes Schwert


Halbe Stange


Andre Lignitzers Dolch


Ringen im Grüblein



Johannes Liechtenauers Rossfechten

Martin Huntfelts Rossfechten

Johannes Liechtenauers Harnischkampf

Andre Lignitzers Harnischkampf