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Rapier and Fighting in Harness (Spear and Cutting Targe)

This transcription presents various portions from the second volume of Paulus Hector Mair’s compilation of the art of fencing. It is based on the German language edition which is kept at the SLUB in Dresden under the access number Mscr.Dresd.C.94.

Since the resolution of the scans of the manuscript that were used for this transcription was rather poor the potential punctuation was not always clearly discernible. "U" and "Ü" are very seldom differentiated by diacritical symbols, thus the transcription makes use of either "u" or "ü" in accordance to the modern way of speaking. The same goes for the letter "y" with a dieresis which was transcribed as "ü" wherever it made sense. Likewise the letter "v" became a "u" when modern use suggested its usage in a vocalic way.

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August 2011

Jan Gosewinkel
Krumphau&Krücke - Historisches Fechten im PSV Unna
Historisches Fechten Westfalen

Oliver Janseps
Mispeldorn, Viersen

Fighting in Harness

We are very happy that Bartlomiej Walczak allowed us to host his transcription of Martin Huntfelt’s harness fencing techniques here.




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Fighting in Harness (Spear and Cutting Targe)

Fighting on Horseback and in Harness

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Martin Huntfelt’s Fighting in Harness

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