Transcriptions | Hans Talhoffer: Cod. Guelf. 125.16 Extrav.


The manuscript Cod. Guelf. 125.16 Extrav. from Wolfenbüttel was created in the late 17th century and is based primarily on two manuscripts associated with master Hans Talhoffer. A copy of this manuscript rests in the Kunstsammlungen der Veste Coburg (manuscript Hz.014.); a transcription with additional information and a table of comparison can be found here on our website.

The alignment of the transcription follows the original manuscript; occasional abbreviations are indicated by underlining. The capitalisation of the manuscript is rather erratic: sometimes there is obviously a majuscule, sometimes a single sign is used for both small and capital letters, and sometimes lowercase is used. The transcription follows the manuscript as far as possible; only occasionally modern standards are applied provided they are not contradicting the manuscript.

The pagination of the Wolfenbüttel version is not coherent and consistent, therefore the numbers in brackets are adapted to the actual page count.

Dierk Hagedorn, March 2016

Hans Talhoffer