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Hammaborg – Historischer Schwertkampf was founded in Hamburg in 1999 and dedicates itself to reconstructing and training historical European martial arts. The sources we work with are transcriptions and facsimiles of German manuscripts from the 14th and 16th century: MS I.33 for instance, the oldest known fechtbuch (fightbook) of the world, as well as several manuscripts in the tradition of medieval masters such as Johannes Liechtenauer or Johannes Lecküchner.

Hammaborg concentrates on single combat with the one-handed sword and the buckler, the longsword and the langes messer. Applying the historical fencing techniques in a free sparring situation requires a thorough preoccupation with the historical sources and a minimum of physical fitness. With the aid of appropriate protective gear and training weapons we learn and study the motion sequences for the old duel situations. Everybody who is interested in joining us and wishes to participate in a trial session is very much welcome to get into contact with us.

Gladiatoria – New Haven

Dierk Hagedorn / Bartłomiej Walczak

Gladiatoria – New Haven · MS U860.F46 1450


Lost during World War II, partially retrieved, sold as individual parts at auction, scattered to the four winds, resurfaced in America: The Gladiatoria armored fencing manuscript from New Haven has experienced quite an eventful history.
This volume presents a full color reproduction of the earliest representative of the so-called Gladiatoria group—an exquisite exemplar of the highest artistic and historical value.
The accurate transcription, along with translations into modern German and English, make the Early New High German text from the beginning of the 15th century universally and easily accessible.
Anyone with a passion for medieval martial arts, weapons and armor will recognize this book as an indispensable treasure trove.
Here is a brief excerpt.

Dierk Hagedorn / Bartłomiej Walczak
Gladiatoria – New Haven · MS U860.F46 1450
VS Books
ISBN 978-3-932077-42-5

Size 16,3 x 23 cm, hardcover, 392 pages, 107 colour images, German/English edition, 44,80 EUR
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19:00 h: Longsword


19:00 h: Sword & Buckler


18:30 h: Beginners: Sword, Messer, Polearms


10:00 h: Meyer Class Women
12:00 h: Liechtenauer Class


14:30 h: Meyer Class